Welcome to the ATLAS TRT barrel page


This is the default page of the site http://cern.ch/atlas-trt-barrel

This web site is intended to share info on Atlas TRT barrel construction and quality assurance during production and acceptance tests, and to provide links to various sites of interest for the people working on acceptance tests at CERN.

You can access information on problems encountered/solved by other or enter new information in the following categories:

database                                       16-channel tension tests           HV problems            DAQ

rework and stringing                    gain mapping                             leak test                    computers

or get some basic information on how to run queries on the database.


Links to other sites relevant to the CERN acceptance work:

Passports and other documents from production sites

Integration page from team in SR building

Installation of the last module

Various documentation (HV mapping, drawings etc)

General information

EDMS page for TRT

Duke University TRT page

Indiana University TRT page

Link to Pauline's links

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